Mouthguards: Keep Your Smile Protected This Footy Season

Mouthguards: Keep Your Smile Protected This Footy SeasonIt’s football season again! On pitches across Australia, in 5-a-side social leagues, and in the Nambour Yandina FC, players are getting into their kits and strapping on their boots.

Everyone knows what goes into sporting kit, but when you think about kit, do you think about a mouth guard? At Smiles Nambour we welcome the football season but would also like to remind our patients and neighbours the need for dental safety throughout its duration, and in all sporting events

Why Should I Care About Mouth Guards?

Many people think about mouth guards with respect to fighting sports like martial arts or rugby. Sometimes the thought
extends to more violent sports like rugby or even Aussie Rules Footy. But the fact is that dentists recommend mouth guards for many, if not most, sports. Every particular sport requires a different type of protection, and in this article Smiles Nambour will lead you through what you need to know about sports, dental protection, and mouth guards.