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Bruxism is the unconscious and excessive grinding of the teeth. It can happen anytime but is more prevalent at night during sleep. At first, grinding may not cause devastating effects on the teeth. But in time, your teeth may show chipping, fractures, wear, and even feel loose.

If you have frequent headaches when you wake up, you might have bruxism. Schedule an appointment with your Smiles Nambour dentist right away before your condition can permanently damage your teeth. Only your dentist can accurately diagnose your condition and recommend appropriate treatment.

Symptoms Of Bruxism

In most cases, bruxism sufferers are not aware that they have the condition until its too late. Teeth damaged by bruxism may show the following signs:

Aside from its negative effects on your teeth, bruxism can also cause the following:

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth?

There is no single and universal cause of bruxism. However, there are studies that show stress or anxiety to be the trigger point for 70% of bruxism sufferers.

When exposed to stress, a person’s shoulders hunch up, their head moves forward, and their teeth clench.

There is also no known factor or quality in people that makes them more at risk of bruxism than others. However it has been discovered that people with ADHD or a hyperactive personality, are more prone to this condition. Excessive energy is released during grinding and clenching. Added to that is the fact that those with ADHD have higher stress levels to start with.

Bruxism: How Your Smiles Nambour Dentist Can Help

Bruxism treatment varies according to the severity of the case. Mild bruxism can be managed through jaw exercises and avoidance of stressors.

While you practice these preventative jaw exercises, we at Smiles Nambour also make sure that your teeth are protected, even while you sleep. Night splints are protective devices worn over the teeth to prevent them causing damages when they meet.

Night splints are custom-fitted to your size to avoid falling out during sleep. They are made of thermoplastic material to avoid breathing disruption.

For teeth that are already affected by grinding, we also have restorative options like tooth fillings.

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Quality Night Splints At Smiles Nambour

Protect your teeth even during sleep. At Smiles Nambour, patients who suffer from bruxism can find refuge in our custom-fitted night splints. While we work with on managing your bruxism, your pearly whites are safe and sound.

We also offer comprehensive restorative options to restore teeth affected by bruxism.

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