8 Ways to go from Yellow to White Teeth

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth in 8 Ways Whiter smiles have an amazing impact on the perception of your appearance by others. A recent survey illustrates just how important a white smile is:

1) Almost everyone surveyed (99.7 percent) stated that they believe that a nice smile is one of the most important parts of appearance, especially in dating and romance.

2) Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed (74 percent) stated that the beauty of a smile affects career success.

3) When questioned about what they would most like to improve about their smile, an overwhelming majority of the interviewees replied “whiter teeth.”

If you are dissatisfied with the whiteness of you smile, Smiles Nambour suggests that teeth whitening may be the solution. The two most common methods of teeth whitening are the in-office and home whitening techniques.


Busy Schedules, Great Teeth, Great Health!

Busy Schedules, Great Teeth, Great Health dentist nambourIt’s official; in 2017 we’re busier than ever. Between commutes to and from work, longer working hours, and working at home, we’ve simply run out of time to take care of our health.

It’s been reported that a shocking two thirds of adults are working longer hours every week, and with longer hours, comes neglect to our health. Add in our hobbies, families, and home lives, and you have a perfect environment in which dental hygiene can be overlooked.

But, in the last ten years there’s been a flood of research linking busy lives to poor oral health. Poor oral health does not just lead us to have unattractive smiles and bad breath, but we know now it can lead to much more serious health issues including type two diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Which is why this August (7-13) the Australian Dental Association’s “Dental Health Week” focuses on Oral Health for Busy Lives.


8 “Hidden” Behaviours That Can Damage Your Teeth

8 “Hidden” Behaviours That Can Damage Your Teeth dentist nambourEverybody knows that there are certain behaviours that adversely affect dental health. Cigarette smoking, poor nutrition, missing dental appointments, and many other behaviours are commonly known to be bad for you.

But what about behaviours that might seem “good”, or behaviours that we don’t think about with respect to our dental health and hygiene?

The fact is that many things we routinely do have effects on our dental health, and at Smiles Nambour, we want to make you aware of as many of these behaviours as we can.

So, buckle in and check to see if you indulge in any of these potentially smile-threatening behaviours.


Break Sugar Cravings and Boost Your Overall Health

Break Sugar Addiction and Boost Your Overall Health dentist nambourRefined sugar is a prime food source for disease-causing oral bacteria. As bacteria consume sugar they produce high levels of acid that over time can erode enamel and leave a tooth vulnerable for decay. Even worse, research now indicates that sugar is bad for our general health as well. And, yet, Australians still consume at least twice as much sugar as they should.

The solution to this is simple: cut back on refined sugar. The reality, though, is a bit harder. Many of us seem genetically hard-wired with a “sweet tooth,” perhaps a remnant of our early ancestors’ sense that sweet foods were a safe means to obtain energy.

Food manufacturers don’t help — the number of items with added sugar has exploded over the last several decades. We can trace a lot of this back to the unintended consequences of past government guidelines that called for removing fat from processed foods. But this also removed flavor, so manufacturers began adding sugar (under many names) to compensate.


How Seniors Can Keep A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

How Seniors Can Keep A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles dentist nambourPreventative dentistry has worked so well that we now routinely see people in their 80’s and 90’s with many teeth, if not, a full complement of them. They have had the advantage of good dental care and thankfully, at this time, can chew their food well and enjoy a lifetime of comfortable eating and smiling.

And this is good news as more of us live longer lives. But these golden years can also bring new dental realities and challenges. The habits we had as a child, the treatments we have had in the past, and just aging itself, all combine to change our teeth and mouth. Some older patients have full dentures, or even no teeth at all. But taking care of their mouths is no less important.

At Smiles Nambour we treat patients of every age, but with respect to the differences that the decades can make to dental health. If you are senior, or love a senior, we’d love to see them in our office!


Dental Anxiety: Tips and Techniques to Tackle It for Good

Dental Anxiety Tips and Techniques to Tackle It for Good dentist nambour
Wouldn’t it be great if the simple promise of a sticker or balloon could get everyone to see the dentist, as it did when we were children? For patients with dental anxiety, however, it sometimes seems that nothing will persuade them into their Smiles Nambour dentist’s office.

And while, most adults know that the real reward–a healthy smile–is much better than a sticker or balloon, many still go with their dental needs unmet, due to “dentalphobia” or dental anxiety. Unfortunately, missing out on dental care because of anxiety is only certain to lead to larger dental and general health issues down the line. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Thankfully, increased awareness of the anxiety problem has transformed care for the better, and we know have many more effective ways to tackle your fears for good. Follow along with our coping techniques to help you feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.


The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

The ultimate toothpaste guide dentist nambourChoosing the right toothpaste can be confusing with so many types and flavours on the market today. The shelves in the dental hygiene aisle at stores are filled with a variety of dental care products. The large selections make it overwhelming to choose the best product that suits your needs.

At Smiles Nambour our normal response to questions about toothpaste is: “As long as it contains fluoride it all comes down to your preference and personal needs.”


The Smile Makeover Success Story

The Smile Makeover Success Story nambour dentist

When you brush your teeth in the morning and take one last look in the mirror, do you feel confident? Or is there something in your smile that makes you feel a little less confident? When you are in public do you talk and laugh without concern, or does the look of your smile and your teeth make you shy?

If your reflection reveals problems, big or small, with your teeth, gums, or smile, it can result in less confidence for you and a less positive impact on others.

If you feel that you need some ‘work’ to achieve the perfect smile for a successful lifestyle, Smiles Nambour is here to help you with a smile makeover


Tooth Bonding – Timely Steps To Success

Tooth Bonding – Timely Steps To Success nambour dentist

Everyone should have a winning smile, because it actually does help you win! Recent research shows a number of benefits to a great smile including social benefits, relationship benefits, and the fact that whiter teeth actually make you seem smarter!

A study conducted on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) found that an improved smile will make you appear more successful, interesting, and intelligent – as well as more attractive.