Health Benefits of Straight Teeth with Invisalign in Nambour, Queensland

Invisalign is the modern orthodontic technique that provides an improved and hassle-free treatment. For most people, investing in Invisalign means enhancing their smiles. But did you know that the clear aligner has more to offer rather than just for cosmetic purposes?

Aside from straightening the teeth, Invisalign also works in fixing numerous dental problems that might deteriorate the person’s oral health and well-being. We at Smiles Nambour provide Invisalign for those who want to hit two birds in one stone – perfect teeth and healthy mouth with only one treatment.

The American Dental Association stated that straight teeth play a significant role in maintaining the oral health of a person. Fortunately, with the use of an Invisalign, having a healthy smile while getting prevention for tooth decay can both be achieved. The clear aligner will ensure to fix crowded and spaced teeth to avert swollen and red gums and other signs of periodontal disease. By aligning the teeth, the gums will be allowed to fit firmly around the teeth. Invisalign will make it possible to move the teeth gradually into their proper position, in a discreet way of course!




Easy cleaning is also possible with the clear dental appliance as it can be detached from the mouth whenever one needs to sanitise it. Unlike the other type of braces, Invisalign is removable. The wearer will no longer have to battle with trapped food particles that might cling to the teeth and build decays or cavities. If these irregularities are left unattended, it can progress to more severe and undesirable issues such as mouth sores, bad breath, and even tooth loss. Worst, if it becomes infected, the risk for accumulating serious ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and more is high. Invisalign prevents these from happening by making daily dental care routine easier and more comfortable.

Malocclusion is one of the most common issues that make everyone seek the help of the orthodontist. Bad bites can lead to jaw problems, chewing and speaking difficulties, and worn out tooth enamel. To get rid of the condition, opting for an Invisalign treatment is recommended.

Always remember that the teeth are the window of the body. They can say a lot to the overall health. Once you take care of your oral health, the rest of you are well-taken cared of too!


Bring out your best smile with Invisalign in Nambour, Queensland, book your appointments with Smiles Nambour! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!