Dental 101: Know More About Teeth Whitening with These FAQs – Nambour, QLD

Getting a bright and healthy looking smile is no longer a struggle, thanks to the presence of teeth whitening products in the market nowadays. However, one can’t help but ask if this method is actually effective or even safe to use. Well, we at Smiles Nambour can provide the answer to this typical query as well as other questions from people who are planning to get the said treatment for themselves. Continue reading below!


Teeth Whitening


Which one is a better choice? Professional or over the counter whitening products?

OTC products can easily entice people since they tend to offer a more convenient and affordable option. Unfortunately, those who do not have any idea of their oral state but ended up opting for this choice are more likely to aggravate their condition. They may experience discomfort due to the sudden increase in sensitivity and soft tissue irritations. On the other hand, a professional teeth whitening treatment is simple. Patients can comfortably sit on the dental chair while the dentist works their magic. The soft tissues are covered to make sure that they would not be exposed to whitening agents that can cause irritations.

Do whitening options cause damage to the enamel?

If dental professionals are to perform the treatment, patients are assured that harm to any of the oral structures is less likely to happen. Favourable results can be achieved in an hour or so, which means that people do not need to expose their teeth in chemicals repeatedly.

Will it whiten dental prostheses?

Unfortunately, whitening agents cannot penetrate on the surface of artificial teeth so it would not work. Our practice can offer a solution in the form of porcelain veneers which are stain resistant, so patients do not have to worry about potential discolouration even in the long run.

Does professional teeth whitening require any touch ups?

It usually does, but the frequency would depend on the practices of a particular patient. The more they mindlessly eat or drink strong coloured substances, the more often touch-ups are needed. To avoid this, as much as possible limit the consumption of such meals.

How to maintain a newly whitened smile?

Here are some easy tips to follow:

    • Make sure to brush twice a day, floss at least once, and rinse with a mouthwash or water every day.
    • If it is unavoidable to consume intense-coloured foods or beverages, try to follow up with brushing or rinsing to prevent the stains from clinging on the teeth.
    • Schedule routine visits to undergo teeth cleaning procedure that removes factors that can lead to stains if left uneliminated.

If you are ready to get started with your mission in enhancing your smile’s aesthetic, choose between the two options– In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening!


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