Are  Clear Aligners In Nambour Better Than Braces?

In this session, our dentists in Nambour present to you the cons and pros of Clear Aligners in Nambour. Orthodontic treatments for straightening crooked teeth and misalignment have never been more accessible than they are today. The only downside of having more options is the difficulty of choosing what’s best for you!  Braces and Invisalign (clear aligners) in Nambour are two of the most popular teeth straightening treatments dentists get asked about. Clear Aligners, the newer option leaves plenty of … Continue reading “Are  Clear Aligners In Nambour Better Than Braces?”

Dental Braces

Dental Braces Book Online Call: (07) 5441 4438 Dental Braces In Nambour, Sunshine Coast If you have crooked teeth and/or an irregular bite, there is a wide array of treatments options that can help straighten teeth. Two of the best options are dental braces and retainers. If you receive these orthodontic treatments, your dentist or orthodontist will first ask questions about your health, conduct a clinical examination, take impressions of your teeth, photos of your face and teeth, and X-rays of … Continue reading “Dental Braces”

The Best Option for Adult Braces in Sunshine Coast

The Best Option for Adult Braces in Sunshine Coast - sunshine coast dentistIt’s undeniable that when you see someone with perfectly aligned teeth, you can’t help but think that this person certainly has an attractive smile. The smile looks clean and neat because the teeth are not crooked or crowded. Thanks to modern orthodontic care, “bad bites” and unsightly crowded teeth can be effectively eliminated with the help of various types of braces.

Orthodontic braces are not only improved to address common orthodontic problems among children, nowadays it’s also a reliable option among adults who want to have a straighter smile.

Can adults still benefit from braces despite their age? The big answer is yes. According to researchers, adults are now comfortable wearing braces due to the advancements in orthodontic treatments. Modern types of braces are made less noticeable and can straighten teeth for less than a year unlike conventional braces decades ago.

Dentist In Sunshine Coast: Fixing Crooked Teeth Without Using Dental Braces

Stellar Cosmetic Dentistry From Your Dentist In Sunshine Coast

For a stellar cosmetic dental service, visit your dentist in Sunshine Coast at Smiles Nambour. Here at Smiles Nambour, we understand the importance of transforming your precious smile. There are several reasons why teeth grow crooked. It has something to do with the size of the whole mouth, the sizes and positioning of the upper and lower jaws, and inherited traits from the parents. Though crooked teeth can be embarrassing at some point, it shouldn’t be a burden forever. Come and visit Smiles Nambour. Call us on (07) 5441 4438 or book your appointment online and claim your Same Day Appointment Available, Request it Now! today!

Palmwoods dentist

Palmwoods dentist Exceptional Care For All Ages Book Appointment (07) 5441 4438 Palmwoods dentist Welcome to our friendly dental clinic near Palmwoods. Smiles Nambour is known for providing a full range of high-quality dentistry services all under one roof. This includes preventative, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dentistry to meet the everyday needs of your entire family.  For your convenience, our clinic is located near Palmwoods with ample parking for patients. We are also located near transport options. If you have … Continue reading “Palmwoods dentist”

Woombye Dentist

Dentist Near Woombye Exceptional Care For All Ages Book Appointment (07) 5441 4438 Dentist Near Woombye If you are looking for a dentist near Woombye who can support you and your family with all your dental care needs, our dental practice welcomes you. Smiles Nambour is a local dental clinic that serves patients from Woombye and neighboring areas. We offer a full range of dental services including general, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dentistry all under one roof. Our experienced dentists, … Continue reading “Woombye Dentist”

Dentist Burnside Sunshine Coast

Trusted Dentist Burnside Sunshine Coast Exceptional Care For All Ages Book Appointment (07) 5441 4438 Dentist Burnside, Sunshine Coast If you are looking for a reliable local dentist or require emergency dental care, our dental clinic near Burnside, Sunshine Coast welcomes you. Here at Smiles Nambour, we are dedicated to providing high-quality dental care for you and your family. Our friendly dentists Dr. Lakshmi Morisetty and Dr. Cheng Yu Hung are experienced in a range of dentistry services and are … Continue reading “Dentist Burnside Sunshine Coast”

Why Get Custom Sports Mouthguards in Nambour? To Protect Your Teeth!

Reasons to get Sports Mouthguards in Nambour Do you know why you need custom mouthguards in Nambour? Why people use bright shiny thing in thier mouth? Well. our dentist in Nambour has to tell you something about it. Maybe it was the AFL or your mate who plays a lot of basketball wearing a bright, white mouthguard that first put this protective device on your radar. Many people are only familiar with them because of how prominent they are in … Continue reading “Why Get Custom Sports Mouthguards in Nambour? To Protect Your Teeth!”

Invisalign From A Dentist in Nambour

Because having desirable dental health is already a must, experts have designed a solution to fix crooked teeth. Though braces and retainers are well known when it comes to straightening teeth, Invisalign is slowly leading up in the dental world today because of the benefits it can give. It works pretty much the same way with braces and retainers so you’ll get the same result.  Your Sunshine Coast dentist will discuss to you the advantages of using plastic aligners. The benefits of Invisalign were also mentioned in a previous blog post.