Dental Emergencies while Travelling: Things To Do

Despite the preparation, emergencies may happen even away from home. Here are some suggestions on how to handle with the common dental emergency. Toothache is one of the most common dental problems. Just clean your mouth by rinsing with warm water. To make sure that no food debris caught between the teeth, gently use a floss or interdental cleaner and take a painkiller like ibuprofen. To fix a lost dental filling, be sure to keep the exposed area enclosed. You can buy temporary dental filling materials at drug stores or use wax or sugar-free gum as an alternative. For cracked or broken tooth, rinse with warm water to clean the area and apply a cold compress to control the swelling. If all these dental problems persist, see a dentist as soon as possible or ask assistance to the hotel front desk to help you find a reliable dentist nearby the area.