Pain free Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine Coast

Pain-free Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine Coast

Pain free Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine CoastMany people fear root canal treatment. In fact, this dental procedure is more feared than job interviews or public speaking. Some dental patients perceive root canal treatment as a painful procedure, but the truth is it’s not. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, but rather relieves it.

New technology, advanced techniques and sophisticated materials used in modern dentistry enable your dentist to perform root canal treatment as painless as possible, with little or no discomfort. Thus, root canal treatment should not be feared. This tooth-saving procedure repairs the infected tooth so you keep the tooth much longer.

Root Canal Treatment: The Aftercare Guidelines

Root Canal Treatment: The Aftercare GuidelinesRoot canal treatment is known to be a skilled and time-consuming procedure. This is because after the root canal was treated, your tooth is prepared for the next treatment that involves dental filling or crown.

These final treatments are made to restore the treated tooth so it can last longer and gain maximum protection from further infection and damage.

Following aftercare instructions after the initial and final treatment is necessary so you can stay comfortable throughout the healing process.

Root Canal Treatment Post Operative Care

Right after your initial treatment, here are some important instructions you need to follow:

How Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Tooth


How Root Canal Treatment Saves Your ToothOtherwise known as endodontic, root canal treatment is the necessary treatment of an irreversibly infected, damaged, or otherwise, dead dental pulp.

Consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues, the dental pulp is central to the growth and nourishment of a developing tooth.

When dental trauma, due to decay, faulty fillings, and other dental injuries, penetrate deep enough into the tooth, the dental pulp is exposed to an entire population of mouth dwelling bacteria.

When this happens, the dental tooth becomes infected and inflamed. An infected and inflamed dental tooth often causes debilitating dental pain and prominent swelling. Once infected, the dental tooth compromises oral health.

Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy, or root canal treatment can relieve you of dental pain by surgically removing the infected dental tooth in an attempt to save the remaining healthy structures of your tooth.