5 Steps to a Healthy, Better Smile

5 Steps to a Healthy, Better Smile

5 Steps to a Healthy, Better SmileIt takes quite a lot of effort to maintain a healthy, white smile. But at the end of the day, there’s no doubt that the results and benefits you can get from keeping your smile healthy and beautiful are very worthwhile.

Good, overall oral health goes beyond the way you look. A healthy mouth can result in a healthy body. There’s a saying that the mouth is the gateway to a person’s body. This means that the condition of your teeth and gums are good indicators of your general health.

There are some easy ways to achieve good oral health and a better smile. By following these steps, you will be on the way to ensuring good health for the rest of your body.

No-Drill Dentistry: Stops Tooth Decay Without Fillings

No-Drill Dentistry- Stops Tooth Decay Without Fillings - sunshine coast dentistGood news for patients who are not comfortable with the dentist’s drill. A new study from the University of Sydney has revealed that dental caries, otherwise known as tooth decay, can be stopped, reversed and even prevented with no-drill dentistry. The seven-year study found that the need for dental fillings was cut by 30 to 50 per cent if patients used preventive oral care after the first sign of decay.

According to Professor Wendell Evans, the lead author of the study, Australian dentists must set aside the drill-and-fill approach and adopt a new way of inhibiting decay, which is through a preventative toolkit. He stated that patients don’t need fillings, as this treatment is not required in many cases of tooth decay. Professor Evans also added that the decay doesn’t always develop and often advances more slowly than was previously believed.