Busy Schedules, Great Teeth, Great Health dentist nambour

Busy Schedules, Great Teeth, Great Health!

Busy Schedules, Great Teeth, Great Health dentist nambourIt’s official; in 2017 we’re busier than ever. Between commutes to and from work, longer working hours, and working at home, we’ve simply run out of time to take care of our health.

It’s been reported that a shocking two thirds of adults are working longer hours every week, and with longer hours, comes neglect to our health. Add in our hobbies, families, and home lives, and you have a perfect environment in which dental hygiene can be overlooked.

But, in the last ten years there’s been a flood of research linking busy lives to poor oral health. Poor oral health does not just lead us to have unattractive smiles and bad breath, but we know now it can lead to much more serious health issues including type two diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Which is why this August (7-13) the Australian Dental Association’s “Dental Health Week” focuses on Oral Health for Busy Lives.