Discover What Smile Makeover Option is Ideal for you

A healthy smile can often indicate a person’s overall oral health and wellness. However, due to lifestyle and other factors, the teeth can become discoloured or crooked over time. In some cases, the teeth can be damaged because of the effects of teeth grinding and jaw problems. Fortunately, the latest advances in technology have made it possible for dental experts to restore one’s smile by correcting any aesthetic issues.

7 Foods that Stain White Teeth the Most

Here’s a 2 minutes and 36 seconds 7 Foods that Stain White Teeth the Most video. See full transcript below.

A healthy smile would always consist of a healthy mouth, including sparkling white teeth. When it comes to your social, professional and personal affairs, your physical appearance always has an impact to others. So your teeth and smile are just one of the most noticeable aspects. However, there are lots of human activities that may affect the colour of your teeth. Unhealthy eating and drinking habits could distribute to these causes.